Spices let you get Creative in your Kitchen

The spices which we keep in our kitchens are often of a very diverse variety depending on how much time you spend enjoying your kitchen. For many of us who do a lot of creative work within our kitchen, we love our spice racks.

Spices on Vintage Spice Rack

They are pretty, decorative and just plain handy for organization. In reality spices provide really wonderful ways to compliment the meals that you prepare in your kitchen.

There are fresh spices and there are dried spices in most people's homes. The fresh spices will need to be treated a bit differently and kept in their own spice jars separate from the already dried spices. This is essentially so you can keep track of which is which. Typically the spices which you buy at the grocery store for instance are of the dried type. The fresh spice however will most likely find their way into your kitchen via a garden you or someone you know keeps. The flavoring powers of spices can do a 180 degree turn on some recipes. If you get really creative you can use the same recipe and make it appear to be totally different the next time you serve it depending upon how you use your spices. This is just one example of why we call the work we do in the kitchen "creative".

Some people will keep their spices until they use the entire jar, while others will keep them until their expiration date comes due and then they replace them with a new jar. There are varying opinions on this depending on who you actually talk to about it, but in our humble opinion we prefer to follow the dates on the jars. It may just be a mental perception because you know that the date on the spice jar has come and gone. Vintage spice racks yes, vintage spices however are for collections only.

We simply think that the spices will loose their flavor after so much time has past. But that is another story for another day. In any event, the better organized our spices are the better we can make good use of them. Thank goodness for kitchen spice racks!