Wall Spice Rack Ideas

Wall Spice Rack

When space is an issue or even when you prefer to have as little clutter as possible in your kitchen then the wall spice rack is something of an idea to consider. In our case we collect them so counter space is a little less of an issue.

To free up precious counter space can be a real relief and you get to showcase your gourmet spices in a beautiful wall spice rack many of which will blend perfectly into your kitchen decor not to mention how handy they are for storing as well as organizing your collection.

One of the most frustrating things is if you have ever bumped into or even knocked over the spice rack which is on your counter top. This could be caused accidentally by the kids or the cat or who knows but your spice rack should not be open to being knocked over when you are working and need to reach for something. Jars can break and cleaning up a broken spice jar is not a fun process.

A well balanced wall spice rack should be able to hold a good number of your various sized spice jars. Another point is that it should be reliable enough to hold the various weights of the jars as some will be much fuller and there for heavier than others. This is where the balance of the design comes into play otherwise you may have to creatively arrange your spice jars according to their weight. This is rarely necessary with most of the wall spice racks which we have reviewed.

It is often amusing to see how in so many instances the first thing that people comment on is the wall spice racks. We are certainly guilty of having more than just one vintage spice rack adorning our walls and that in it self can be a balancing act worthy of creative ideas!